Monday, December 29, 2014

Harriet and Harold in the City of Lights...or Love

Harold took Harriet to Paris.  Harriet had never been to Paris.  She was so excited to go to Paris that she made her gummy self sick.  The moment the two bears got ready to board the plane Harriet had come down with a fever and gummy aches.  She was determined to see the international city in the heart of France.  Harriet struggled most of her time there, but she pushed through and saw some major Paris hot spots.  Harold was so good to her, and patient with her sickness.  He just reassured her they would be back again.

Paris was everything Harriet ever expected.  She loved the city of lights.  She sure hopes Harold will take her back to this beautiful city again.  I think he will...because Harold is falling pretty fast for Harriet.
First class to Paris.  Harold and Harriet live quite a life.
Harriet's first sitting of the Eiffel Tower.
She loved it, and loved being there with Harold.
Watching the many cars circle the Arc de Triomphe.
Standing outside of the Notre Dame de Paris.
The happy couple wishing they would've brought a lock.
(Guess they will just have to come back.)
City of of love.  Harold + Harriet = Love!

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