Monday, February 16, 2015

Always Sunny in Seattle When Harriet Visits

Every time Harriet the Haribo visits Seattle she always has sunshine.  And, of course, every time she visits Seattle she has to go down to the beautiful Public Market.  It's probably her favorite spot in the emerald city.  The colors, the food, the fish, the flowers, the free samples, and the beauty of everything just makes Harriet giddy as a gummy bear! 
Last but not least, you have got to go see the Seattle Space Needle.  It's a must do when visiting Seattle.  Lucky for Harriet, her good friend lives right in downtown Seattle on Queen Anne.  How spoiled is Harriet to have such good friends in such an awesome city?  Pretty spoiled!

Harriet's Bestest Fan

Harriet is slowly growing a following, but has many more followers to gain. However, as of recent travels, she was able to meet up with one of her bestest fans. He just loves Harriet the Haribo, and wanted to get in with all the fun and get a picture with her cute gumminess. So, that they did!

Harriet and Harold visit Ireland

Harriet finally made it to Ireland. Harold has been to Ireland numerous times, but had been itching to get his gummy gal Harriet the Haribo over there. He had high hopes she would fall in love with the country as much as him. That she did.
Harold and Harriet spent their first day at this darling B&B in Cashel, Ireland. Harriet couldn't get over how darling the yellow door was! Harold knew that staying here with a yellow door would win Harriet over!
First stop on their morning, up the hill to the Rock of Cashel Castle.
Spent a lot of time roaming the grounds and walking around the castle.
Next stop for the gummy bears, Blarney Castle to kiss the Blarney stone.  They both have now been granted with more of the "gift of gab." Like these two gummy bears need more gab???
Back to Dublin the two gummy bears went.  First stop - a pint of Guinness beer. Harold told Harriet she wasn't allowed to have a pint, but he did allow for them to have a photo.
To Trinity College the two bears went.  Wanted to work on their intellect and spot The Book of Kells.
Just walking through The Long Room at Trinity College.  The books smelled old and smart.
Before heading back to the USofA they took a stroll over the Ha'Penny Bridge.  They couldn't have asked for better weather in Dublin.
Harold and Harriet were sad to return home.  But, Harriet has a new found love for the country of Ireland.  She hopes her and her gummy man Harold can come back to visit here often.

Heff the Haribo visits San Fran

Lombard Street:  The crookedest street in the world.
Harriet's dad isn't much of a traveler. In fact, he hasn't done much traveling. However, two things he would like to see before he kicks this gummy life for the next one, is San Francisco, and Mount Rushmore. Even Harriet hasn't seen Mount Rushmore yet. But, she has been to San Francisco numerous times. She recently had an overnight there a few weeks ago. It was almost 28 hours long. She decided she would fly her gummy dad out for her layover. What an adventure this daddy daughter gummy duo had! 

Heff the Haribo had a very long day of flying, and getting himself from his small town in Southern Utah to the (much too big for him) big city of San Francisco. Once he arrived Harriet and Heff hit the city via train. First stop was down to the ever popular Fisherman's Warf. He was thrilled to see Alcatraz out in the distance, but was a little disgusted with the amount of bums and homeless people wandering around begging for money. A musician was playing an old song in the distance that made daddy Heff, the Haribo, bask in the moment. 

After some popular clam chowder in a sourdough bowl it was off to catch a glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge. Near the Bridge was a national park with historic boats, and great views of the bridge and Alcatraz. 

They weren't done just yet, they still had to go see Lombard Street. The crookedest street in the world. After a major workout up hill the two gummy bears had made it. All the way up just so they could walk down. Lombard street was quite popular that Sunday afternoon. 

A stop for some yummy ice cream cones, and a stroll through historic China town it was back to the train. Back to the hotel, and both gummies where worn out and ready for a good nights sleep. 

Harriet was so excited to actually have her gummy dad Heff the Haribo come on a visit to a major city in the USofA! She hopes she gets another opportunity to tour guide her gummy daddy around another historic city. Until then, next trip for these two is Mount Rushmore. 

Monday, January 5, 2015

Harriet was late for a very important date: 2015.

Harriet had a layover in Salt Lake City this year, for the ever popular New Year's Eve. She wasn't thrilled about having to work. However, the fact she would be in Salt Lake, and her bear Harold lives there, it turned out to be a perfect chance for the two gummy bears to ring in 2015 together. As gummy bear plans go, Harriet's plane was late! The two gummy bears didn't get to see each other until well after the new year. They didn't let the late hour stop them from drinking some bubbly and having their own little New Year's Eve together.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Harriet and Harold in the City of Lights...or Love

Harold took Harriet to Paris.  Harriet had never been to Paris.  She was so excited to go to Paris that she made her gummy self sick.  The moment the two bears got ready to board the plane Harriet had come down with a fever and gummy aches.  She was determined to see the international city in the heart of France.  Harriet struggled most of her time there, but she pushed through and saw some major Paris hot spots.  Harold was so good to her, and patient with her sickness.  He just reassured her they would be back again.

Paris was everything Harriet ever expected.  She loved the city of lights.  She sure hopes Harold will take her back to this beautiful city again.  I think he will...because Harold is falling pretty fast for Harriet.
First class to Paris.  Harold and Harriet live quite a life.
Harriet's first sitting of the Eiffel Tower.
She loved it, and loved being there with Harold.
Watching the many cars circle the Arc de Triomphe.
Standing outside of the Notre Dame de Paris.
The happy couple wishing they would've brought a lock.
(Guess they will just have to come back.)
City of of love.  Harold + Harriet = Love!

London: Harriet crossed the pond

That little red gummy bear Harriet finally crossed the pond and ended up in London, England.  She was a giddy gummy bear. She even saw quite a few major attractions in her short time there.  Just to name a few;  Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Square, and just south of London the quaint town of Lewes, England.  Why was Lewes such a place for a little gummy bear?  Well, many, many, MANY years ago a festival began called the Guy Fawkes Festival.  It consists of many parades, people, fireworks, and bonfires.  Harriet had clearly never been to a festival of such magnitude.  It was exciting and fun!

Clearly, this trip to England was quick, but she was able to see a few major hot spots.  She is excited to get back to London again.  Next time she will be with Harold the Haribo...or was he there with her and just didn't want to take pictures???
Harriet has her first siting of Big Ben!
Big Ben!  Up close and personal! (Possibly her favorite picture.)
Buckingham Palace.  Harriet was sad she didn't see the Queen.
Westminster Abbey.
Piccadilly Square all lit up at night!
The starting point of the Guy Fawkes Festival.