Monday, February 16, 2015

Harriet and Harold visit Ireland

Harriet finally made it to Ireland. Harold has been to Ireland numerous times, but had been itching to get his gummy gal Harriet the Haribo over there. He had high hopes she would fall in love with the country as much as him. That she did.
Harold and Harriet spent their first day at this darling B&B in Cashel, Ireland. Harriet couldn't get over how darling the yellow door was! Harold knew that staying here with a yellow door would win Harriet over!
First stop on their morning, up the hill to the Rock of Cashel Castle.
Spent a lot of time roaming the grounds and walking around the castle.
Next stop for the gummy bears, Blarney Castle to kiss the Blarney stone.  They both have now been granted with more of the "gift of gab." Like these two gummy bears need more gab???
Back to Dublin the two gummy bears went.  First stop - a pint of Guinness beer. Harold told Harriet she wasn't allowed to have a pint, but he did allow for them to have a photo.
To Trinity College the two bears went.  Wanted to work on their intellect and spot The Book of Kells.
Just walking through The Long Room at Trinity College.  The books smelled old and smart.
Before heading back to the USofA they took a stroll over the Ha'Penny Bridge.  They couldn't have asked for better weather in Dublin.
Harold and Harriet were sad to return home.  But, Harriet has a new found love for the country of Ireland.  She hopes her and her gummy man Harold can come back to visit here often.

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